Web Design - Isle of Wight

Web Design - Isle of Wight

AFX Design have had a presence on the Isle of Wight since 2010, and occupy offices in Cowes. The Island’s beautiful scenery and the laid-back attitude it inspires amongst its residents make it a great place to work. We find the scenery inspiring, and never being more than 30 minutes away from an awesome view really gets the creative juices flowing. We love it here, and use the Island as a base to serve businesses all over the south of the country, up to and around the Kent and London regions. We appreciate the importance of a face-to-face meeting at the start of a project, and despite living on an island, we are happy to travel to you wherever you are in the south.

Would you like to find out more about our Island? The Isle of Wight’s local celebrity Reggae singer, Derek Sandy, has made anĀ introductory video, which showcases everything from our sunny, sandy shores to the local zoo!

Our Island clients

Search Engine-Friendly

Your website will be built following the latest web standards. By working with SEO experts we ensure that your website performs the way you want it to.

Ongoing Commitment

Update your website whenever and wherever you like. Whether you are using our bespoke CMS or Wordpress, you can be confident that you have complete control over your website.

Expert Development

Increase your business' productivity and bottom line with an online shop-cart system, membership management, or a bespoke CRM-based web application.

Responsive Website Design

Whether viewed on an iphone, ipad, or laptop, your website should not only look good but also adapt to the respective device.

Business Training

Increase your knowledge base by attending our training courses, aimed at helping businesses get a head start in their online activities.

Graphic Designers

We do not simply employ designers, we employ artists. From comic illustrations to website user-interfaces, our designs will always be unique and above all impressive.