Interview with Mr Tom Fallick

Interview with Mr Tom Fallick

My name is Mr Tom, and I work on the graphics side of AFX Design...

What’s your name and position in the company?

My name is Tom, and I work on the graphics side of AFX Design.

How would you describe your job in approximately 5 words?

If it’s design it’s mine!

What makes you different from other graphic designers?

My training is more in fine art, and as a result I feel I approach projects from a different angle than many other graphic designers. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques in design, much like an artist might experiment with media. I feel that this leads to a fresh mix of the two art forms, creating more unique results than what designers who purely approach it from a design perspective produce.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies include any sort of art-related activities – I am rarely without my sketchbook! I am also a big sports fan, and enjoy playing and watching both football as well as American football.

What part of web design do you enjoy doing the most?

I enjoy anything creative – being able to create a brand for a company and then put this onto their website is really exciting for me.

What part do you play in an active project?

I design websites for clients based on their needs, and to a style which is appropriate for their brand. I work from a wireframe which is drawn up for the client that contains all of the elements they need for their website, and I create the design from that. I also re-brand companies, which includes work such as logo design.

If you were able to claim any website, which one would it be?

I think the website I would most like to be involved with would be the Liverpool FC website. It would be a dream to combine two of my passions together, and it would give me great pleasure in giving the greatest football team known to man the greatest website known to man. If anyone from Liverpool FC is reading this get in contact!

Note from AFX: All comments regarding football are the author’s own. AFX Design does not support these audacious claims!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

I am always looking to move my skills forward, so I would like to continue to develop my knowledge of design, as well as adapt to the latest technologies in design that I’m sure will come out over the next decade.

Where do you see the graphic design industry in the future?

Technologies and styles are always changing, which is exciting because it shows that the industry is always moving. It’s a very exciting industry to be a part of overall.

If you were to give your clients one tip on how to get the most from their design what would it be?

Take full advantage of your graphic designer – the more free-reign you give him, the more original the outcome will be.

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18th January, 2012


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