Interview with Samuel Claxon

Interview with Samuel Claxon

I'm Samuel, and I've been a Web Developer at AFX Design for 2 years now...

What’s your name and position in the company?

Hi there, I’m Samuel, and I’ve been a Web Developer at AFX Design for 2 years now.

How would you describe your job in approximately 5 words?

I handle web development, SEO, and customer relations.

What makes you different from other web developers?

I believe that what makes me different is also what makes each of us at AFX different, and what makes the company itself different. Each of us has similar principles and values, and working together brings out the best in each of us. I think that my strengths as a Web Developer are due in part to Tom’s strength as a Graphic Designer for example, and that is what makes me different.

What are you hobbies?

IT takes up much of my life. As well as working with computers, I spend a good amount of my free time using them, and also volunteer my time now and then providing computer support on a voluntary basis to those who need it through the Isle of Wight Rural Community Council.

What part of web development do you enjoy doing the most?

I reckon a lot of (good) web developers are perfectionists, so working in an job where I have so much control over the tiniest elements of a website is perfect for me.

Describe the part you play within a project

I’m involved in each project a fair bit. I start by creating the wireframe for a website. This is then passed to our Designer, Mr. Tom, who creates a lovely design in-keeping with the structure set out in the wireframe. I then take his design, and recreate it as a web page, matching it pixel-for-pixel. I’m also involved in the integration of the website into our Content Management System, which allows our clients to edit their sites. On top of that I liase with the client throughout the whole process, train them in our CMS, proof-read the content that they provide, and provide on-going support from then on. This isn’t even taking into account our SEO service, which I head up.

If you were able to claim any website which one would it be?

I’d love to be involved with the Ubuntu project. Linux is awesome, and I’d love to play a part in the system’s overtaking of Windows and Mac. That’s the dream at least!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

I could say that I’d like to be retired, and relaxing off the coast of my very own island, but wealth isn’t that important to me. I value happiness, love, my own skills, and the value I can provide other people. Saying that, my goal for ten year’s time would involve being awesome at my job, still loving what I do, and having the love and support of my very own family.

Where do you see the web design industry in the future?

More and more integral to our lives. I think that’s the only direction the internet can really go in. As more and more people become computer literate, websites are going to be an even more vital means of advertising and marketing that cannot be ignored. I think social websites and social functionalities within all websites will continue to grow, and the internet will be used to connect with other people all over the world even more than it is now. Portability is another important factor, and I see mobile devices becoming the predominant way that people use the internet. Web design will always change with the internet, and adapt to meet the needs of the people using it.

If you were to give your clients one tip on how to get the most from their website what would it be?

I would say take an active involvement in its development and evolution, and take pride in its look and feel. They say that your website is a second shop window for your business, and a lot of people don’t grasp how important they actually are. Have your website redesigned by a professional every couple of years to ensure that it’s up-to-date with other websites. After all, visitors to your website spend almost all of their time on the internet looking at other websites and not yours. If your website isn’t in-line with other websites, then it’s going to look dated and may put people off.

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Samuel Claxon

18th January, 2012


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