Expert Development

Expert Development

E-commerce to bespoke web applications

AFX Design’s expertise can be put to good use by any business – whether it’s by developing a website which needs advanced functionality such as a course-management system or by developing a web-based application in order to streamline your processes and truly become paper-free.

Website Development

The term ‘website development’ is used very broadly. Someone who sets up a website using a┬ápre-created WordPress theme may call themselves a developer but they may not have the expertise to create a theme from scratch. We believe it is important to provide clarification on what kind of website developers we are:

So how can we help? We can:

If you would like all the above then we are the perfect fit for you and we suggest you get in contact with us quick!

Application Development

We plan, design, develop, and deliver bespoke web-based applications for businesses. We provide a cohesive solution tailored to the user’s viewing experience, whether on a laptop, iPad, or Android phone.

We believe in progressive development and will not re-build the wheel. As a result we enable tight integration with well-known web services such as Google Drive, Amazon Web Services, and Mail Chimp.

We are able to develop in a variety of languages, but currently we prefer the Java Play Framework 2.0 which allows for rapid development and easy deployment with Heroku.

If you are unsure how your business might benefit from our application development skills but would like to know then why not call us for a free consultation?

Search Engine-Friendly

Your website will be built following the latest web standards. By working with SEO experts we ensure that your website performs the way you want it to.

Ongoing Commitment

Update your website whenever and wherever you like. Whether you are using our bespoke CMS or Wordpress, you can be confident that you have complete control over your website.

Expert Development

Increase your business' productivity and bottom line with an online shop-cart system, membership management, or a bespoke CRM-based web application.

Responsive Website Design

Whether viewed on an iphone, ipad, or laptop, your website should not only look good but also adapt to the respective device.

Business Training

Increase your knowledge base by attending our training courses, aimed at helping businesses get a head start in their online activities.

Graphic Designers

We do not simply employ designers, we employ artists. From comic illustrations to website user-interfaces, our designs will always be unique and above all impressive.